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Student Registration
June 1, 2024 Concert
12:45/1pm Rehearsals
3pm Concert
Village Shores Senior Community- Richfield

Young Artist guidelines:

1.) Young Artist registration fees are non-refundable.

2.) Piano accompaniment PDFs must be emailed to no later than 3 weeks before the concert.

3.) The student's private instructor agrees that the student is ready to perform and approves of participating.

4.) I understand photos and videos of the performance may be shared by the venue and/or Summit Music.

5.) By registering, you agree to receive email notifications from Summit Music about the concert and upcoming events.

Thank you for registering for the upcoming Summit Young Artist Concert!

Please return to the page to pay the registration fee.

We will be in touch soon!

$30 Registration fee 

Includes piano accompaniment

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$25 Registration fee

No piano accompaniment needed

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